Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What is a Leader.

As mothers are we not just that, leaders? We should be leading our children in the best direction that we know. We, as belivers, know that that direction is to Christ Jesus. He should be in our homes, in our vehicles, in the grocery store, everwhere we go. When we claim to be a Christian, we claim that Jesus lives with us. How is anyone going to know that, if we are listening to music that is not worthy of His ears? How is anyone going to know when we watch Tv that is constanly taking our eyes of of Him. It may be by foul language, nudity, sex, and so many other things that the world conciders okay.Guess what people, WE ARE NOT THE WORLD!!!! What about when our kids misbehave in the grocery store? Do our actions say, 'I'm a christian'. If your yelling at your at children or cursing at your children do you think it does? Yes we all have our bad days, but as we grow in our walk, we learn to deal and respond to those bad days. Does that child deserve to be disciplned, why yes, but there is an appropriate way to handle these things. Are your children acting up?Are we praying over our children? Are we praying over our homes? Are we praying over our husbands? If we answer honestly and our answer is no to any of these things then are we not failing our children? How do we expect them to do things that they do not see? Children learn by doing AND seeing. Monkey see, Monkey do right? Do you want your little girl shaking here tushy in ways that would make someone think poorly of them or would you rather see her lifting her hands and dancing for the Lord? How about your little boy. Would you rather see him in a looking at the girl shaking her tushy or on his knees praying to resist temptation? Makes you think a little... You may be thinking, wait a minute. She's 2, she's just having fun. Let me tell you, I've seen a little girl about 4 years old singing and dancing to songs that today, I don't even want to list the name. Why? Because it is inappropriate.Why do you think she was singing and dancing that way? That's right because that's what she saw. I don't know where that little girl is today, but I pray that she found someone to lead her in a different direction. Do you think your child is to young to understand? How can you know that? One don't have to understand everything about the Bible or everything about Jesus. Some just have this love for Christ and when it comes that naturally, why hinder it by holding them back. Most of us didn't understand everything when we became Christians. Most of us STILL don't understand. I don't know ANYONE, besides God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, that does understand and know it all. God shows us all what he wants us to know and when he wants us to know it. Pray about and you'll know that. God wants us to love him. He is after all, a Father. He is our Leader. Are we following?

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