Friday, May 18, 2012

A true friend doesn't care how clean the house is or what your past was like.They will not judge you when you make a mistake. A true friend will listen and wipe your tears. I true friend will be there when noone else is. A true friend knows you inside and out and still loves you. That true friend calls just to say Hey, What's up and nothing else. A true friend makes you see the truth in all those so called friends. You knows those friends that you've had all your life, but now you never hear from. Those that get mad because something happened and never asked to hear the truth. A true friend knows to call when you've excluded yourself from the world around you and knows when to just let you be you. A true friend feels like you've known each other forever even though it's only been a few years. . . . . To all my true friends out there who love me crazies and all.