Monday, January 10, 2011

1 husband, 3 kids, 2 cats, 2 dogs, and 3 fish. My life!

Yes you read that right. Forget the 2.5 kids. We went a lil over. Let me ask, how do you have half a kid? I'm just asking, is that the dog, the cat, or the baby because if so the numbers should quadruple. I can handle the kids most days. The aminals on the other hand, well if they weren't so cute, they'd be long gone. Actually that isn't true. I married a Dog Lover and my kids love ALL animals in general. Me, give me a frog or a lizard and I am happy. Slimy and strange and when your done they go back behind glass! Feed them and they are happy. No having to take them out to poo, no cleaning poo off the floor, and when a lizard sheds, it's gonna be in the cage and not all over the furniture! I'm not sure our animals even know they are animals. Baily thinks she is baby, she loves to curl up with us in bed(since the kids don't sleep with us anymore, this kinda works). LittleLee thinks he lives in my hair. Precious Prissy thinks she owns the house and does as she pleases. CoCo well he's CoCo. He loves to play and is a great watch dog. as for the fish, I'm just happy to have some left. We started with like 10 of the little things. You see those pictures of the Lion and Lamb and they are playing. This is our family! the Dogs and cats actually play together. The cats just lay there and let the Dogs bark, claw, and lay with them. At any point I can walk in and the Dogs are laying on cats stomach. No joke. The kids can put the cats in a choke hold and they just lay there like ragdolls. Brooke takes her time as she dr's each animal with her stethoscope and makes sure they have food and water. That's a good thing too because with all 3 of the kids, I think a good day is when they are all fed and stay full. Eli he likes to build the animals houses and if he can't build one, he'll use the doll house and in the cats go. Peyton well Peyton thinks she can eat the animals. She likes to carry them as far as she can around the house and eat their food. She's one what do you excpet? Welcome to My crazy life!!!!

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