Sunday, January 9, 2011

My Saving Grace!

I learned alot that first month, needless to say we survived.I started noticing that Peyton was getting little marks around her chubby little legs. Not a good thing. It meant the diapers where to small. Can't have that. We were saving money because we were no longer buying disposable diapers(for her atleast) so I took that savings and invested in a NEW cloth diaper. I searched the internet all over and came to the realization again that they weRE SOOOOOO expensive. This was the reason I had not started sooner. Everywhere I searched, I found diapers ranging from 15-25 dollars(some almost 30), then you add shipping and handling which is 5.00 in most places. I was really getting discouraged and was thinking that I had to give up. I had resorted to using the one Wrap I had with the Flats and tri folds and changing the pockets every 30 minutes to keep them from cutting into her legs. As a last resort, I typed in CHEAP POCKET DIAPERS(because I had discovered, I liked them most) I heard music singing as I read Cheap OS Pocket diapers. The searching has since changed because the website has change. I clicked on the link and more music as I scrolled over the most adorable diapers I had ever seen and better yet the PRICES. ALL UNDER 10.00. Yes you read that right. The prices ranged from 8.99 to 9.00. I'm not talking cute colors and cheaply made diapers, I'm talking well made diapers(I didn't know how well at the time) and printed diapers with adorable patterns and they all came with an insert. I nice thick microfiber insert. Do you want to know this "magic site"? I'm sure you do. Get ready for the music. It's Go green Diapers
I placed my first order of a Crazy Morning and a pk of cloth wipes. Add the shipping and it was just over 20.00. I planned to wait a week to get them but to my suprise they were here 3 days later. That's from the time I ordered. 3 day! I eyes lit up as I opening the diaper and put it on Peyton. It fit perfectly with it's one size. I snapped it on the medium(I'm guessing setting). It wasn't the last set of snaps and it wasn't the first. Now remember I told you all I am new to this still. I washed the diaper and the wipes and couldn't wait to get it on Peyton. Out of the wash it came and to her tushy it went and stayed ALL night. I used the insert it came with and added one I had. She woke up dry after 12 hours of sleep. This was the first time since we had been cloth diapering. Impressed. Oh Yes, so much that I turned around and ordered more diapers from Ms. Leah a few days later. I now have 5 Go Green Diapers and they are what we use.This is my Crazy Mornings, Fitting name for this house
Blacky(Build a bear) was a wonderful volunteer as he sports Hollywood on the smallest setting.

I am planning on ordering some of her new diapers next month. I said her site had changed so when you go, I will tell you she has added some new diapers called the Champ and it is 14.95 BUT serveal are on sale right now for 12.69. these come with TWO inserts so really they are almost the same price as buying a regular diaper and an insert even at the regular price it's a steal compared to other diapers. I will be posting other blog reviews of the Go Green and various diapers later on so keep an eye out for more. Have a blessed Sunday and remember. "This is the day the Lord has made."

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