Sunday, January 9, 2011

My Cloth diaper experience!

So I mentioned I had recently started cloth diapering. I was blessed by recieving several types of different cloth diapers from a friend. When I say different types, I mean some AIO(all in ones), pockets, Prefolds, Flats,a Diaper wrap, diaper covers,and triFolds.

A little overwelming right. I thought so too. I asked my friend MANY questions, did TONS of research, and finally dove in. I started with the AIO. It seemed the easiest, just put on and go. How hard can it be. Well she pooped in the first one I put on her within 10 minutes. Guess she liked it =)I took it off wiped her tushy and swished it in the toilet. Eww. I went for the next. A pocket. The pocket had just that a pocket to "stuff" with this thing called an insert. An insert can be a premade microfiber insert that looked quite a bit like a cloth menstral pad or can be a trifold or flat folded up and inserted. I was fortunate that all mine were prestuffed. I would have been lost and let me tell you that first load of laundry, I just looked at it and laughed. I had NO idea what to put where. Wonderful friends and youtube are a blessing when you start cloth diapering.We made it through the first week trying different types of diapers. I even got brave and took a trifold( the old time diapers so I call them) and took a gerber training pants to go over it. Easy to put on(even without pins), but GROSS to take off, especially when poopy. That was the last time I did that. I stuck with the All in one and the Pockets for about 2 or 3 weeks.This was my favorite to start with, made by my friend.

Stay tuned for my saving grace of Cloth diapers =)

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