Friday, February 17, 2012

A FRESH start

Many of you know that over the past few weeks we have been trying to make small suttle changes to what goes into our body. The things that we eat affect the way we live, the way we feel and act.I've set out to break the rules in a way and to learn the truth about the food that goes into my body and my families body. First off, "Fast" food doesn't make you fast, in fact it's quite the opposite it makes us sluggish and slow. "Diet" does not mean healthy and healthy does not mean bland!

Many of my adventures have turned out to be Epic Fails--- take the pinapple herb chicken--- My husband was NOT a fan. His take, Pinapple should only be eaten as a fruit snack or mixed with Malibu.

The kids ate all the yummy topping off of the whole wheat pizza so the next time we did half wheat half white to add that much needed crunch.

I don't know what I did to the stuffed peppers but the pepper itself was not ediable but the filling was yummy so now a complate fail.

It's been a learning adventure and a welcomed change. We've been able to learn alot about each other, spend time with each other, and have noticed a change in the overall feeling of ourselves( atleat myself). I started a photo diary and thought I'd share a few of our top picks.

What kid doens't like Fruit Roll Ups? Strawberry Banana Apple

These Flax seed apple carrot muffins were amazing and the kids ate on them for days!

The kids enjoyed the gronala bars even though they fell part. The parts were great on yogurt though.

My favorites though where the meat and veggie meals!

Before I always made stir fry with pre packaged stir fry mixes wheather it be frozen or canned. Now I take whatever veggies I have on hand and it's been wonderful

I also bought some Green giant seasoned pks just to have on those crazy nights. I know not the best but in a pinch I figured it was better than the normal mashed potatoes, canned green beans, or french frys. This was Garlic herb peppered chicken and a Simply Steam Green Giant pk.

My greatest sucess though was the Veggie Sketti! You see my son( who is 4) is a vegetable protestor and has been since he was a baby. If you ever needed to get a bath just try to feed him any kind of veggie other than green beans and mashed pototoes! Now my oldest daughter( who is 5) refuses to eat any meat aside from chicken and sometimes pork and deer. Hamburger meat is the one thing she simply will not eat. She will pick the peices out of chilli and eat the beans. I decided to get sneaky, while they were playing I grabbed my handy dandy smoothie maker and blended some various squashes, onions, bell peppers and tomotoes and cooked ground hamburger meat to make a sauce then I took the meatball and added a pkg of Lipton dry vegtable soup mix and served it over angel hair pasta( I haven't gotten them to like the whole wheat yet so we'll stick with the occasional regular pasta dish. Tada!!!!

And just for fun I thought I'd try my hand at dried herbs so I started with some parsly.

Now remember I did not say this was about loosing weight but about making suttle changes. If weight loss occurs then YAY, for me. Now I look at what I buy and think twice about many premade items. We have a long way to go but I hope you enjoy a small take on our experience!