Sunday, March 3, 2013

Why Red dye?!?

Every time I post on Facebook about something being Dye Free or asking why something has red dye, I always get Why? Well we all have a why! Why did/do you breastfeed? Why did/do you immunize or choose not to? Why do you eat natural or organic? Why do you diet/exercise? We all have our reasons. The main reason being: We want to do what we think is best for our family! Each one of us has our own reasons to why we think our way is best. . . Since I have so many people ask why, here goes! Ever since Peyton was born she would break out. At a very young age we battled eczema, diaper rashes, and a runny nose that wouldn't quite. She was a VERY happy baby. She ate most what we ate but once she turned a year old and we started letting her have more "kid friendly food" we noticed the rashes getting worse, the diaper rash that would BLEED. We went to doctors and they all said allergies, We went to a dermologist who said the contact dermatitis( eczema). We took away dryer sheets, we went to dye free chemical free laundry soap. She was on Clairton, zyrtec, and Benadryl and nothing worked. We went to an immunologist and the allergy test came back normal. During this time she started having uncontraolable tantrums, biting, hitting, screaming. Of course no one saw this and always said "Not our sweet Peyton". By the time she hit 3 it got worse. We had had our fill. Something had to give. We were desperate. We had already taken away milk and eggs and was about to take away gluten when I started reading about Red dye. Well it seemed easy enough... No more suckers and candy. We slowly started to take away this and that. We slowly started seeing changes. I became an ingredient list reading freak. We'd have a great few days and then BAM Tantrum crazy! I knew it had to be something! As I started reading more labels. I saw more things that had red dye in them and it hit me! We have all tried very hard to cut out dyes completely. It started by just limited red foods, then we learned we had to watch pink, purple, orange. Basic Kindergarten color wheel principle here but we didn't think. To say we went in blind was an understatement. Its been about 6 months now and we atr learning more. Her rashes have all but gone away. We have the occasional irritation but nothing like before. She is happy again and so lovable. Now does she tantrums? What child doesn't BUT they are manageable and by that I mean before she would get so upset that she would be upset that she was upset and literally seemed as if she had NO control over herself. Now she does and that is a miracle in itself. I am sooo happy that I made this decision for my family. Now what have I learned! Don't be blind. READ!!!! Many foods you would never think have red dye DO... Beef bullion cubes, Jello pudding, ALL Doritos, even Cool Ranch, Ice cream. some cheese puffs, M&M's yes even the brown ones! I will come back and add my favorite dye free foods!