Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Friends dont let friends die without Jesus!

I saw this saying on a church marquee today. It got me thinking. We are advocates for or against so many things:
Drinking and driving
Texting and driving

So many things we support proudly without hesitatation. Do we support Jesus with the same Passion? To whom without dying for us we could not/ would not be free.I'm not saying its bad, I'm just saying that I know many people who can boast and vent or passionately defend many organizations but turn a blind eye to the word of God. I know how someone feels about our President before I know their religious views. Why do we hide behind things of this world when its only a temporary place. I'm all for making this life safe and enjoyable, but do it to bring God glory and not because you think its gonna right a wrong. It's not and its not our responsibility to do so. Everyone will have a day of judgement and its not the one sitting on a stand waiting for a group of peers to say guilty. It's not the guilt one has that makes them do unthinkable things. No its the one when we see Jesus and he says, " Come, you who are blessed" or " Depart from me, you who are cursed."
( Matthew 25:34&41)
Our responsibility is to choose what words we want to hear and why we do the things we do. For our glory or His....
With all this said know I have many friends who stand on the side of not knowing God and even if you don't want it I pray daily for your salvation. It's never to late and nothing you have done is beyond Gods grace and he will forgive you if you ask. Know that Jesus died for your sins so that you may live. There is no other way into heaven except Jesus. When you accept Him into your heart, the old is wiped clean and you are new. You might not feel it right away but you know how a place in heaven and an open line of communication has been established between you and God.Use it. God bless.

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